• April 9, 2021
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Sydney’s best Wedding Security Company explains why more Australians are opting-in

Wedding Security isn’t as strange as it first sounds when you consider all the possible risk that can take place on a special that’s taken a lot of time, effort & resources to organise.

Weddings are just like any other events, and events require Event Security

Some of you be still be wondering, why wedding security is even a thing.

Well think about it, how many times have you been to a wedding and seen someone get a bit too drunk, too aggressive or inappropriate?

It happens.

We have all witness or heard of wedding crashers, free food & drink vulchers as well as seen weddings days end up a mess.

You don’t need to be a celebrity or high profile person these days to recruit the services of wedding security services.

More and more Australian couples are appreciating the peace of mind that comes from recruiting the services of licensed guards whilst planning their weddings.


You might be someone who has a wedding coming up, and perhaps you are  worried that your friends might think that your pretentious if you hire wedding security.

Don’t be.

Wedding security looks a lot different to the type of security someone like Drake might hire.​

Wedding Security Guards are corporate in appearance, suited up, and look more like polished concierge as opposed to a bulky tatted up guards that intimidate your grandma and grandpa.

Why do I need Security on my wedding day?

You might be thinking why security is even needed at your wedding.

Risk minimisation and damage control.

You want your wedding day to run smoothly don’t you? You don’t want uninvited guests rocking up for the free food and alcohol, and this happens more often than you might think.

 Just think about the movie ” wedding crashers” .

What about drunks and guests who get intoxicated and slightly out of control. Do you really want someone saying something or starting something that can ruin your big day?

How about Crowd management, wouldn’t you prefer that your family and loved ones enjoyed the special day instead? Why make them run around.

Protection against theft, yes that’s right, people do steal.


Wedding Security officers are fully licensed, come with first aid certificates as well as RSA. 

They help not only with guest lists but can also provide VIP concierge services.

Security guards can escort people off stage and off the premises if need be, which saves you the time, discomfort and sometimes embarrassment.

We also offer Party Security in case you have an after party that you require event security guards for.

Having wedding security at your wedding can help the event run smoothly & prevent any incidents that could ruin the big day.


If you have a sydney wedding coming up and require the services of a professional wedding security team, feel free to  get in touch with us today.

At Corporate Security Australia we have been offering Wedding Security Services for over a decade.

We have head offices in Sydney & Melbourne and can source the right security guards for you Australia wide if need be.

We work with you to plan the event as well as look after all your pre and post party security needs.

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