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Today at Corporate Security Australia we want to shed some light on hiring bodyguards and everything you need to know before employing the services of a qualified, trained & experienced guard.

We discuss everything related to hiring Bodyguards, as well as how much private security bodyguard costs.

Hiring private security services including personal protection, close protection & VIP bodyguard services is popular, and not just for celebrities and royalty anymore.

Private & Personal Security services has been on the rise in Australia in the last 20 years.

Blue collar crime has risen with the aid of technology and has made hacking, blackmail, fraud and data theft a lot more common.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics stated in 2015 that there were 53,000 people working within the security industry, compared to the police force which had 45,000 at the time.

Ready to find out more about bodyguards and security personnel within the security industry?

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Australian Bodyguards & Who Needs

You might be wondering who needs a private security or personal bodyguards?

The public perception is that only celebrities and the ultra wealthy hire bodyguard services.

This is not entirely the case and we will run you through the different types of personal protection bodyguard services available for hire as well as what a body guard is.

What is a Body Guard

bodyguard (or close protection officer) is a type of private security guard, government law official, or ex military officer who protects a person or a group of people from potential risk, lability, harassment and harm.

Who hires a Bodyguard

Some of you may be wondering who hires these private security bodyguards, and you wouldn’t be wrong for wondering.

A person does not hire a bodyguard unless a threat or risk is present, whether that risk is low or high

Our Sydney bodyguards are hired by government officials, celebrities, entrepreneurs, sports stars as well as wealthy families who simply need extra security during periods where they feel vulnerable or at risk.

At Corporate Security Australia we get money handlers, witnesses to crimes, victims of domestic violence, divorcees who seek protective services all the time.

The Different Types of Bodyguard Services

There are many types of bodyguards available in the private security market and here are a few of the personal protection bodyguards are commonly requested by the market.

Personal Protection

A  Personal Protection Officer (PPO) is a specialist within the private security industry. They need to do more than a 2day course (Certificate II in Security qualification)  in order to be hired as a personal protection officer.

Accreditation and certification is required from a reputable security company  in order to be hired within the world of close personal protection.

TALON Education and Training is an organisation that trains Close Personal Protection (CPP) officers and gets them ready for these specialist positions within the Australian bodyguard Industry.

Each of the two territories and six states in Australia have separate legislation concerning their different security courses and requirements.

Unarmed Bodyguards

In Australia, Bodyguards cannot be armed with a firearm in any state, only in Victoria due to a Governor in General exemption is a bodyguard allowed to carry a baton or to wear a ballistic vest.

Armed Guards Australia

An armed carries a firearm for one purpose only, protection of his/her life or that of another person ( Self Defense Only and not actually for the job duties)

The only justification for use of a firearm whether an armed guard, CIT or Police Officer is for self defence where there is a real and imminent threat to yours or someone else’s life. 

On-site Bodyguard

An on-site bodyguard is usually hired when private security is required for  when constant surveillance of private functions, property or events.

You might find on-site private close protection bodyguards and security officers in maritime & aviation environments, as well high risk, high traffic events with high profile events where VIP security is required.

We supply on-site security guard and private guards to private buildings, as well as private events

VIP Celebrity Bodyguards Services

VIP Bodyguard Services are sometimes required for celebrities as well as high profile individuals who may be touring or on a business trips.

The recruited VIP Bodyguard sometimes assist with secure transport,  as well as protecting the client against liability and threat.

The level of expertise a bodyguard has will be discussed during the initial interview stage in order to match the client with the right guard.​

Private Bodyguard Services Australia

Private bodyguard services in Australia are not an uncommon request.

Many individuals want peace of mind while leaving the country and want to rest assured that their family is safe.

Private security bodyguards are sometimes requested for a few days, and sometimes for months at a time.

Australian Bodyguard Security Services & What to expect

When you hire a personable bodyguard, you can expect anything from chauffeur services, to static guarding, to high risk close protection.

Personal Bodyguards can cater to international trips, as well as escort you to high profile events as well as as provide home security & investigation type services.

The Close Protection field is diverse, and a professional security agency will always tailor legal security services to a clients’ needs.

A Security Review and Risk Assessment is the first step in order to ascertain the level of protection and speciality needed.

Some Bodyguards have a standard security license, where as others have military & special force training and years of experiencing with specialist  close protection training.

Personal Security services is all about risk minimisation and employing a trained professional who will keep a look out for all possible threats.

Some personal guards stand in the background, blend in with the environment, and others are in close proximity as clients request this.


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Security guards sydney

Bodyguard Hire cost

Bodyguard hire costs varies and there is not one set price. It  all depends on the level of risk associated with the client and the level of expertise required.

If you are hiring an off duty police officer, as opposed to a Secret Service Agent you may pay less.

How many security guards and/or bodyguards will you be needing?

Usually executive protection jobs require at least 2-3 agents and the primary reason for this is incase something were to happen, that there will be back up available.

Plus in high risk situations it is important that all guards have adequate levels of rest, hence the rotating roster.

Bodyguard hire costs vary and you are looking at anything from $65 an hour all the way up to $3000 a night depending on the level of risk and expertise required.

Australian Professional Bodyguards for Hire 

If you are looking for professional bodyguards in Australia or perhaps interested in bodyguard hire, look no further than  Corporate Security Australia.

We are based in Sydney and can offer you professional bodyguards and security guards, Australia wide.

We partner up with experienced & professional bodyguards in order to provide clients like you the level of customised security that you need.

Do not gamble with your life, if security is a concern, get in touch us today.


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