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We’re a Sydney-based private security company servicing clients Australia-Wide. If you need private and personal security guard hire, we’d love to help.

We have a range of experienced and licensed security guards, and will genuinely work with you to dispatch the most appropriate security guards for your needs.

We would love to hear from you, send us a message, or better yet, give us a call.

Types of security services that we offer

Bodyguard Hire

We offer bodyguard hire services for those who are organised security for themselves or behalf of someone, Just get in touch for a chat and we will see what type of guard you need

Residential Home Security

If you’re going away and need security for your home to protect the property, loved ones, or anything else, we’re here to help. Get in touch by phone or by submitting an inquiry now.

Personal Security

Need personal security to help you feel safe? Wr get it. We have an array of security guards that could suit your personal security hire needs. Just get in touch, for a chat.

Private Security Services Explained

You may be wondering who needs Private Security Services in Australia.

We get a range of private security inquiries. Those who need residential home security guards because they’re going away on a trip, those who want an extra pair of eyes to protect the family while they’re away on business, all the way through to those with on-going court cases who may feel at risk.

As a Sydney-based private security agency, we’ve been providing security guards, VIP Bodyguards, close protection security services to clients from all walks of life.

With social media, geo-tagging, and cybersecurity threats on a rise, private security guard services are in demand, and our team is licensed and experienced, and ready to assist,

Whether you have been a victim of crime, or simply feel unsafe, or want to amp up the security for yourself, family or colleagues, get in touch for a quick chat and free quote.

Private Security Guards & the Personal Protection They Provide

Private Security Services and the hiring of Personal Bodyguard Services go further than just protecting you against snipers and Hollywood-type villains.

Sometimes the job of personal security is to safeguard against physical injury, liability, and embarrassment.

Justin Bieber recently fell through a trapdoor on stage. He tripped over some wires, incidents like these can be avoided with the right personal security team on hand. Mishaps like these happen, and the role of our Personal Bodyguards and Private Security Personnel is to protect clients like you from accidents, threats, liabilities & risk.

If you require personal security even in the form of suited chauffeur drivers, static security guards,  specialist bodyguards, our private security services team can help you out.

Security guards sydney

What kind of sydney private security solutions are on offer

Your Personal Security needs are unique and we tailor our personal security services to match your unique needs.

All of our personal Security Guards come with specific skill sets and different levels of security expertise.

Some of our clients request security patrols around their homes and businesses. Others request Sydney chauffeur drivers who are also licensed security guards to escort them to and from events.

Bodyguards are also a highly requested service. Usually visiting celebrities, CEO’s, or wealthy families seek an added level of personal protection and peace of mind.

                         A client may request the services of an ex-military personal bodyguard to travel around with them, and depending on your needs we will source the right bodyguard for the job. We also offer executive protection services, usually for politicians, corporate events and government organized events.

Usually, politicians, corporate or high profile entrepreneurs seek executive protective services. As a trusted private security agency just let us know what you need and when you need it and let us take care of the rest.

Looking for one of the best Sydney security companies? You’ve just found it.

We’ve got 8+ years of experience in the security industry, and have been servicing clients such as The Australian Institute of Music.

Experience managing large crowds and small events. Your security guard hire needs will be met when you come to us.

Sydney Security Companys

Sydney Security Guard Hire: Australia wide

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Security guards sydney

Private security guard for hire

If you are looking for private security guards for hire, look no further. We have private security guards available Sydney-wide, and can security guard dispatch Australia-wide if you require. There has been an increase in overnight security companies offering personal security services. However, most of them lack the reputation for meeting the industry standards. We pay attention to detail and will work hand in hand with you to dispatch a private security guard that actually suits your needs.

They must also be fully licensed to operate as private security guards in Sydney NSW. We also cross-check their criminal records with the authorities. All of our personal security guards must possess a First Aid certification for emergency situations. We make Sydney security guard hire with an easy process, and provide licensed, skilled and experienced Australian Private Security Guards for hire. Whether you need a private home security guard, bodyguard, or to find our security guard hire costs, simply get in touch with our team today

Sydney Private Security Solutions, Personal Security Australia-Wide.

As a Sydney-based private Security Solutions Company, we can off you any type of personal and private security that you need.

The first step is to get in touch with us and let us know what you need and why.

Then let us know the location, the details, and the type of security guard that you need.

We will work with you to dispatch the most appropriate security guard or guards, that will take care of all your security solution needs.

We Provide experienced and licensed Sydney Security Guards & Personal & Home Security Services, and can provide these services Australia-wide with some notice.

Get in touch now, either by phone or email and let’s get the private security started.

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How Much is Private Security Guard Hire?

Experience reputable personal Security Guards Australia wide

Security guard hire costs vary and depend on your specific needs.

How many guards do you need, how high risk is the situation, how long do you need a security guard for?

Once we establish these we will be able to give you  an accurate security guard hire cost. Usually, prices range from $30-$199 an hour depending on the specialization of the guard that you contract.

Do not gamble with your life when you are suspicious of something that might affect you or your family. Engage with one of the best security companies in Australia and rest assured we will absolutely look after you.

Get in touch with our private security team right now, and let’s discuss what type of security guard you need, and when.

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We provide professional and dependable private security services you can count on

  • Personal Bodyguards & Personal Security Australia
  • High profile & Celebrity VIP Protection Australia
  • Executive Security & Event Security Services Australia
  • Visible deterrent, Crowd Control & Event Management Australia
  • Site patrols, Static Security & Monitoring Security Services
  • Sydney Private Security Guards for casual events
<span> 80+ </span> Professional Guards<br />
80+ Professional Guards

Sydney Security Guard Hire, For All Your Security Service Needs Australia-wide.

Types of security services that we offer

Concert security

Need shopping centre security guard hire? We’d love to talk further. We can provide reliable shopping centre security guard hire Australia Wide.

Festival security

Need shopping centre security guard hire? We’d love to talk further. We can provide reliable shopping centre security guard hire Australia Wide.

Pub & club event security

Need shopping centre security guard hire? We’d love to talk further. We can provide reliable shopping centre security guard hire Australia Wide.

Private function security

Need shopping centre security guard hire? We’d love to talk further. We can provide reliable shopping centre security guard hire Australia Wide.

Crowd management security

Need shopping centre security guard hire? We’d love to talk further. We can provide reliable shopping centre security guard hire Australia Wide.

Corporate event security

We are the leaders in Corporate Security Australia wide. We have been providing Corporate Event Security for years to our business & corporate clients, corporate functions, celebrations & fancy events.

Arts, film and television

We have been providing event security services to the Sydney music & art industries for 6+ years. We are more than confident that we can offer event security services to your entertainment venue.

Live entertainment security

We have experience providing security guards and services to live entertainment venues and public gatherings. We work with your team to plan the event.

Wedding security

Even weddings need security. We offer wedding security services to Sydney & Melbourne clients and work with families & loved ones to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly.

What our happy customers are saying

We are approved contractor of Security Guard services, providing quality security
services to many organizations & private companies

Security Company Sydney
Nickolas kominas
AIM, Australia

Corporate Security Australia has been providing security to us for 7+ years overseeing 1000+ students on a daily basis and taking care of threats, vandalism and risk. Professional team

Security Company Sydney
Michael Simmons
CEO, BMR Events

Professional, reliable and diligent. We've been hiring Corporate Security for more than 5+ years and never had an issue. Appreciate the care & professionalism.

Security Company Sydney
Jenelle McCarthy
TD Media

Reliable, polite and caring team. Speak to Omer if you need to organize guards for your next event. Our favorite security team by far.

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Security guard hire sydney

Hire Sydney Security Gaurds NOW

Our Security Company offers Security Guard Hire in Sydney, & Australia Wide.

  • Licensed Security Guards
    Licensed Security Guards
    Professional, licensed & well-spoken security guard hire Sydney.
  • Security Guards Australia-Wide
    Security Guards Australia-Wide
    We can offer professional security guard hire in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane & Sydney.
  • Static Security Guard Hire
    Static Security Guard Hire
    We can offer security guards for your private, event, commercial & corporate security solution needs.
  • Sydney 24 Hour Security
    Sydney 24 Hour Security
    We can offer 24-hour security guard hire Sydney wide. Need interstate security guard hire services? Not a problem.
  • Residential Security
    Residential Security
    Require residential & personal security guards for safety and peace of mind? get in touch for a chat, our security guards will keep an eye out for unusual activity.
  • Corporate, Commercial & Event Security
    Corporate, Commercial & Event Security
    As a leading security agency, we have security guards available on call for all your security service needs.

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