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Commercial & Business Security Guard Hire Sydney and Australia-wide

Hello there, are you looking for a commercial security company that’s experienced, reliable with an array of guards? That’s us.

We have 8+ years of commercial & business security experience and love commercial and business security contracts.

Get in touch with us so we can talk about your security guard hire service needs, and allocate the right security guard to you.

We work with clients big and small, we prefer longer-term contracts, but can also attend to smaller security guard service needs.

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Types of security services that we offer

Retail Security

If you need retail security guards or shopping centre security guards in Sydney, or anywhere around Australia, we have you covered. Find out more now

Shopping centre secuity

Need shopping centre security guard hire? We’d love to talk further. We can provide reliable shopping centre security guard hire Australia Wide.

Corporate security

Require corporate security guards to safeguard corporate & business sites? We understand. We have years of corporate security experience and can offer you a corporate guard. Get in touch with our commercial security team now to discuss your security solution needs.

Sydney Commercial & Business Security Guard  Services

Looking for commercial and business security guard hire? We’re Sydney-based and can supply guards Australia-wide.

At Corporate Security Australia we’ve been providing security guard services to clients for 8+ years.

One of our biggest clients has been “The Australian Institute of Music”.

Some of our commercial security guard services are:

  • School Security
  • University Security
  • Retail Security Service
  • Shopping Centre Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • Strata Security Services
  • Building Security
  • Security Mobile Patrols
  • Static Security Guarding
  • Concierge Security

Business Security Guard Hire Services You Can Depend On

If you need security guard hire for your business, or perhaps for corporate or government roles, simply get in touch and organise a free quote.

What makes us different is that we care. We’re a smaller company compared to some of the larger security companies out there and this means we value long-term relationships and provide more value to you and your organization.

We want to be your trusted security partners.

Legal liability, lawsuits, theft, injury & harm occur when we’re least expecting, and safeguarding ourselves, our teams, our employees and the public is essential,

The last thing you need is a lawsuit or something sad on your hands.

Having licensed and experienced Commercial Security Guards at hand can save you fortunes, plus its tax deductible of course.

Do you need commercial security guards for your business?

Commercial Security Services & Guards Explained

Commercial Security Guard Hire Eliminates Risk & Lawsuits

Commercial security is required by any business or organization that wants to protect against risk, liability, and harm.

Commercial security guards are trained to keep a look out for any unusual activity, and report straight away.

Our Commercial & Business Security Guards can also serve as a concierge, helping guests, patroling sites, and providing in-house security services.

Commercial security guards can provide things that CCTV cameras alone can’t.

There is no better deterrent than a real human on site.

Can you imagine all the theft and chaos that would occur without the presence of security guards at certain sites, stores & events?

Having Security Guards present can scare away shoplifters, intruders & eliminate risk.

Get  in touch and get a free quote

Hire a Security Guard For Your Business Now

Hire a security guard for your business or organization now.

Security Guards are there in your business to keep an eye out for risky and unusual behavior, to log reports, assist with access entry issues, and much more.

Corporate sites, banks, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, 24-hour medical centers, can all benefit greatly from having security personnel in place, can you imagine if there were none?

Having security guards patrolling on construction sites, in and around buildings, can save you an arm and a leg long term.

Our commercial security guard team can absolutely help you out. Get in touch for a free and fast quote, and let’s find the right security guard for your security solution needs.

Sydney Security Companys

Sydney Security Guard Hire: Australia wide

<span> Get free consultation </span>

Get free consultation

Security guards sydney

Business Security Guards Hire, a Great ROI.

Commercial Security is a vital part of any loss prevention and risk minimization strategy.

Security Guards are not expensive, not when you consider the thousands and sometimes millions upon millions that you can lose per year from theft and potential lawsuits from occurring.

A tax-deductible expense, that we believe is necessary for this day and age for any business or organization that wants to succeed long term.

Having security guards patrolling buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, corporate sites, banks, 24-hour medical centres is expected these days.

Our Commercial Security Guard services safeguard your business against loss and provide a level of security that CCTV alone can never give.

Get in touch and inquire about security guards in Sydney or let us know if you need a security guard hire in any other state, and we’ll work together to dispatch the right guard for your commercial security needs.

We’d love to help!

Sydney Security Company you can rely on

Have you been looking for security guards for your business or upcoming event?

We have uniformed or suited security guards available for you.

Corporate Security Australia has been providing commercial security services and reliable security guards to businesses for more than 10 years.

We are a Sydney Security Company with clients Australia-wide.

We offer static security, as well as regular patrols and after-hour access control services.

We can assist with parking lot security, concierge services, crowd control, and incident logging & reporting.

Our guards are trained to follow your fire and life-safety systems protocols, emergency evacuation processes,  and help minimize and control risk.

Security guards are an integral part of our client’s business strategies, and without professional security services, many businesses would struggle to operate on a day-to-day basis.

Looking for one of the best Sydney security companies? You’ve just found it.

We’ve got 8+ years of experience in the security industry, and have been servicing clients such as The Australian Institute of Music.

Experience managing large crowds and small events. Your security guard hire needs will be met when you come to us.

People Protected
Years of experience
States Served

24 Hour Business Security Guards Sydney Wide

We can offer you security guard hire in Sydney, as well as Melbourne, Canberra & Brisbane.

If you want to hire commercial security guards that are reliable, experienced and licensed, get in touch, and let’s have a chat.

Free and fast security quote now

Security guard hire sydney
<span> 80+ </span> Professional Guards<br />
80+ Professional Guards

Sydney Security Guard Hire, For All Your Security Service Needs Australia-wide.

Types of security services that we offer

Concert security

Need shopping centre security guard hire? We’d love to talk further. We can provide reliable shopping centre security guard hire Australia Wide.

Festival security

Need shopping centre security guard hire? We’d love to talk further. We can provide reliable shopping centre security guard hire Australia Wide.

Pub & club event security

Need shopping centre security guard hire? We’d love to talk further. We can provide reliable shopping centre security guard hire Australia Wide.

Private function security

Need shopping centre security guard hire? We’d love to talk further. We can provide reliable shopping centre security guard hire Australia Wide.

Crowd management security

Need shopping centre security guard hire? We’d love to talk further. We can provide reliable shopping centre security guard hire Australia Wide.

Corporate event security

We are the leaders in Corporate Security Australia wide. We have been providing Corporate Event Security for years to our business & corporate clients, corporate functions, celebrations & fancy events.

Arts, film and television

We have been providing event security services to the Sydney music & art industries for 6+ years. We are more than confident that we can offer event security services to your entertainment venue.

Live entertainment security

We have experience providing security guards and services to live entertainment venues and public gatherings. We work with your team to plan the event.

Wedding security

Even weddings need security. We offer wedding security services to Sydney & Melbourne clients and work with families & loved ones to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly.

What our happy customers are saying

We are approved contractor of Security Guard services, providing quality security
services to many organizations & private companies

Security Company Sydney
Nickolas kominas
AIM, Australia

Corporate Security Australia has been providing security to us for 7+ years overseeing 1000+ students on a daily basis and taking care of threats, vandalism and risk. Professional team

Security Company Sydney
Michael Simmons
CEO, BMR Events

Professional, reliable and diligent. We've been hiring Corporate Security for more than 5+ years and never had an issue. Appreciate the care & professionalism.

Security Company Sydney
Jenelle McCarthy
TD Media

Reliable, polite and caring team. Speak to Omer if you need to organize guards for your next event. Our favorite security team by far.

security guards
Security guard hire sydney

Hire Sydney Security Gaurds NOW

Our Security Company offers Security Guard Hire in Sydney, & Australia Wide.

  • Licensed Security Guards
    Licensed Security Guards
    Professional, licensed & well-spoken security guard hire Sydney.
  • Security Guards Australia-Wide
    Security Guards Australia-Wide
    We can offer professional security guard hire in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane & Sydney.
  • Static Security Guard Hire
    Static Security Guard Hire
    We can offer security guards for your private, event, commercial & corporate security solution needs.
  • Sydney 24 Hour Security
    Sydney 24 Hour Security
    We can offer 24-hour security guard hire Sydney wide. Need interstate security guard hire services? Not a problem.
  • Residential Security
    Residential Security
    Require residential & personal security guards for safety and peace of mind? get in touch for a chat, our security guards will keep an eye out for unusual activity.
  • Corporate, Commercial & Event Security
    Corporate, Commercial & Event Security
    As a leading security agency, we have security guards available on call for all your security service needs.

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