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Sydney Party Security Hire 

Are you ready for a party?

As one of Sydney’s leaders in Event Security Serviceswe have been offering party security hire services for over a decade.

If you are looking for reliable Event & Party Security Guards for an upcoming event or function, have a read below and get in touch with us for a quick quote today.

Party & Event Security Guards for your Sydney Party

Throwing a Party? You may need party security in order to crowd control & keep liabilities at bay.

Unless you are hosting a slumber party for 6yr olds, it is more than likely that you are going to require security guards in order to prevent headaches from ruining your whole event.

Think about all the parties that happen around Australia daily.

Hens nights, bucks parties, corporate events, end of year parties, Christmas parties, cruise ships, anniversaries, birthdays securityconcert securityall these events need security if they are going to exceed having 30+ more guests.

Generally, most of these events all include alcohol, and when people start having a few drinks, inhibitions go down, and ego’s come out to play.

Here are some Party tips the NSW policeshared. They discuss the need for council approval, adults being present as well as having RSA’s and guards in place for certain parties and events.

Party Security Guards & Why Hire Them

As an Events Security Company based in Sydney we send out event & party security guards all year round to parties across Sydney.

You may still be on the fence about whether or not to hire security guards for your party, but ask yourself a few questions

  • Will Alcohol be present?
  • Who will be in charge of controlling or managing illegal substances?
  • Do we want to keep an eye out for suspicious guests?
  • Who’s keeping an eye out for underage drinking?
  • Is the safety of guests important?
  • Do we require ID checks to be cross-referenced with the guest list?

What Our Event & Party Security Guards Can provide You

If you decide that you would rather be safe than sorry and the services of a professional and fully licensed security guard are key, this is what our friendly Sydney Event Security team can provide you.

  • Experienced Crowd Control & Conflict Management Services 
  • Professional Uniformed or Suited Event Security Guards
  • Party & Event Security Guards that provide Static Patrols Security Concierge Services 
  • Reliable Party & Event Security Guards that show up to do their job

Many individuals and organizers of events hire our Sydney party & event security guard services for their party in order to minimize the chances of theft, damage or legal liability from occurring.

We are not saying that everyone is a thief, but it’s best to always be prepared.

Having Event Security Guards at your party ensures that you are safeguarding yourself against all possible legal liabilities that may arise.

Are you ready to organize your next party or event? Send us an inquiry right now or give us a call at 1300 233 684


How to Hire Party & Event Security Guards 

How to hire party & event security guards really comes down to the type of party or event that you are organizing?

  • How many people are coming to the party or event?
  • What type of suburb or environment will the party be held at?
  • Will alcohol or drugs be present?
  • Must the guards be uniformed or suited?

Parties, events, bucks nights, hens nights, and festivities can all be prone to a variety of similar yet sometimes different types of behavior due to intoxication, drug use and sometimes over excitement.

Having professional and trained Party & Event Sydney Security guards can cut that behavior down by at least 70%.

Every party is different, for example, Birthday Security varies from wedding security due to the nature of the event, and the type of guard that is required.

When you get in touch with us we will run through a few questions to find out more about your needs and tailor our security services in order to match you up with the right security guard.

Hire a security guard for a party to minimize headaches and enjoy yourself.


If you are ready to get a quote on an upcoming event or party that you are throwing, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Sydney Party Security Guards Hire Costs 

Party & Event Security guards don’t have to be expensive. It just comes down to the location of the event, and how many Event Security Guards will be needed, and the level of risk associated with the job.

Sydney Party security guards range from $27-$55 dollars on average in Australia, and that’s for a reputable fully licensed guard.

Always make sure you are hiring party security guards from a reputable event security company, otherwise, you may end up hiring an unprofessional security guard that can get you in legal liability instead.

If you are ready to hire experienced security guards for your party or event,get in touch with our experienced and affordable team at Corporate Security Australia today.


If you are ready to get a quote on an upcoming event or party that you are throwing, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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