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Hotel Security & the Role of Hotel Security Guards In Australia

NSW Hotel Guard Security Guards are required to have NSW RSA and their NSW 1AC Security Licence, as well as First aid certificate. 

The Hotel Security Guard is responsible for the Safety and security of guests, workers and hotel buildings. Security systems including CCTV, key card access controls, as well as security patrols,  control of restricted areas, after hours access issues, as well as monitoring of master keys.

Corporate Security Australia has been providing commercial security guard services for more than a decade to Sydney clients.

Providing security to hotels is something we are very passionate about.

We enjoy the hospitality and tourism industry and want to see our Australian tourism market thrive.


Hotels are held to very high standards with regard to safety and security, especially in Australia.

Hilton Hotels Worldwide plan to allow guests to check-in and choose their rooms using mobile devices, and even to unlock their hotel rooms with their smart phone in a quest for security and user experience.

Hotels need to maintain their reputation, and the safety of their guests and protect themselves against against theft & legal liability. 

It is important that all staff including hotel security guards are trained on all hotel procedures.

Hotel Security Guards  may be responsible for assisting with these areas:

  • front desk
  • emergency procedures
  • fire drills
  • direct evacuation
  • baggage storage
  • guest entry points
  • valet & parking lot areas
  • dock areas
  • Look out for unusual, illegal or dangerous activities
  • Patrol hallways
  • Patrol bars and restaurants
  • Static Security 

All public areas in a hotel must always be monitored and patrolled as they are susceptible to risk.


Hotel security guards often are responsible for enforcing rules. For example, if there is a bar, making sure no underage individuals are found in the bar.

Making sure there is no loud noise and excessive partying going on in the rooms.

Keeping an eye on the pool areas for any behaviour that is risque or dangerous..


Security guards are required to prepare and log reports of all unusual or unlawful activities during their shifts incase the police or legals need to get involved at a later stage.

Most hotels and motels have 24 hour security guards on site.

Hotel Security Guards have routine actions that they need to perform, as well as evict anyone who is breaking the hotel rules or loitering.

Guards deal with complaints, lock outs, and provide customer services to guests who require direction or assistance.

​Extra Hotel Security for Guests

As hoteliers and security guards we do our best to make hotels safe for everyone.  

Many visitors still want to go a step further in feeling secure in their hotels rooms while on holidays. 

There are many personal measures one can take. We included this video for those of you who want to provide or maybe personally incorporate an added level of safety.


Are you a boutique hotel or motel and require sydney hotel security guards?

Our Corporate Security Australia team would love to hear from you.

We want to work with more hotels Australia wide, so we invite you to get in touch with us today.

Let’s see how our team of security guards can help your hotel thrive.

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