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Event Security services refers to any event that requires security guards and security.

In Australia we have plenty of legislations in place to make sure our community is safe from harm, even during events.

Event security often times involves the services of trained event security staff who help make sure the event runs smoothly

As an Sydney Event Security Company we have been offering event security services  Australia wide, for years.

Today we will run you through a few of the most common event types, and also link you to different pages that may give you some extra information.


When organising an event you need to first start by contacting council for approvals, then check the various legislations found on the ASIAL site.

What kind of event are you planning on hosting?

Festival Security

If you are thinking of running a festival or mass gathering of some sort, you will require council approvals as well as festival security guards. Festival Security hire is an absolute must.

Club & Pub Security

All clubs, pubs and venues want to protect themself against public liability, theft and harm and require the services of training guards to enforce the house rules.

Party Security

Thinking of throwing a party? Depending on the size, you may require the services of Party Security guards. Protects you from potential fights breaking out, theft, harm and legal liabilities as well.

Rave Security

Raves are distinguished by any large event with electronic music and masses of people. Council approvals, RSA’s, as well as security guards are required to make sure your rave runs smoothly in Australia.

Concert Security

Apart from having a fantastic emergency response plan in place, you need professional and reliable Concert Security guards.  

The concert security guards will provide crowd management and control services, as well as take care of any intoxicated individuals causing trouble.

Block Party Security

Block Parties are so much fun but you really do need event security officers there to patrol. Alcohol and drugs sometimes get in the mix, and chaos can abrupt. Block party security guards provide crowd management as well pool

Private Events

Hosting a private event in Australia? It could be a corporate function, birthday party, or new years eve party. Private event security guards work hard to ensure the security of all your attendees. 

If you are curious about Private Security Guard Hire Costs you can check this article out.

Show & Event Security

There are always a million shows that go on Australia, and having the right council approvals as well as security approvals is absolutely necessary.

 If you offer food stalls at your event, you will also require the right council approvals.

Find more information about Events Security Guards and all the different NSW Event Council Approvals here


If you are ready to run an event and you need a reliable Sydney Security Company that you can count on, get in touch with our Sydney Security team today.

We’ll find out everything about your upcoming event and help you implement a great event security strategy to keep your event & attendees safe and yourself safe. Get in touch with us today for a quick chat and quote.

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