• July 5, 2021
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Sydney Security Guards, and the impact of Covid

Since Covid happened, it has affected everything in Sydney…  For a while we were safe as we watched Melbourne residents go through several lock-downs… but now, it’s our time.

And people are feeling it’s impact, as well as us, the security guard industry in Sydney.

There has been a decline in people socialising, going out to hospitality joints, and since the lock down in Sydney, now every pub, club is completely shut down.

This is not only affecting the economy, but also the mental health of many residents.

For example gas closing down has an effect on peoples sanity, health and fitness.

Sydney Strata Managed Properties & Security Guard Companies 

There are residential apartments that have gyms and pools in the complex, why not allow one or two residents into the facility rather than shutting the whole facility down all together?

Surely having one person in the gym or sauna at a time wont spread the virus.

Smart pro-active measures taken by Government and Sydney strata managers and corporations that allow better management of this Covid situation, and help keep the sanity of the residents Sydney wide.

Could security guards in Sydney help maintain the spread?

Everyone has a different opinion in regards to Covid, where it started, it’s legitimacy, and the way it’s being managed and handled.

As a Sydney security company, we personally want to see the community safe, but we need some better measures in place so the Sydney entertainment, hospitality and health industries are not unnecessarily affected.

There are better ways to manage the spread of the virus, and all it takes is better communication, which also include the people in the community.

Sydney Security Guards helping control Covid 

Perhaps places like shopping centres, bars, and other venues could have security guards who help control the spread of the virus?

Perhaps keep restaurants, cafes, and gyms open?

Just make it a book-in type of scenario?

Not only would that help industries generate income, support families, and also assist in keeping mental health amongst the community in better condition, but its also a more reasonable approach.

What’s wrong with booking in?

Having a few people in a venue 1.5 metres apart?

There has to be a way where we can maintain the economy, keep people sane, and come together to control the spread of the virus

As a Sydney based security company, we are here to assist and help and welcome an open discussion about this.

It’s time that the community had a say, and we came together as a unit to discuss things that effect the community as whole.

The Corporate Security team

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