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If you work in the building industry you would understand the importance of implementing construction site security for your job sites.

Hiring security guards for your job sites is always the best bet, but some smaller job sites simply cannot afford to do this.

Today we discuss some potential threats as well as some construction site security tips you can implement on your job site today.

Sydney Construction Site Security & How to Prevent Theft. 

Depending on the job site, the location and the amount of tools and expensive equipment on site, there is always a level of risk is associated with construction sites.

Usually workers, and passers by see the construction sites as easy wins, and come around after hours or on the weekends.

Preventing construction site isn’t easy, but there are a few things you can do to help you protect against theft and vandalism on your site.

Sydney Construction Site Security Tips

  • Install High Fences at your construction site. Potential thieves can observe your construction site easily if your fences and barricades are not high enough to obstruct their view. 
  • Keep an inventory of your tools, document the serial numbers for insurance and accountability purposes.
  • Lock up all tools at the end of the day and have an accountability system in place
  • When it comes to materials, don’t over order to minimize supplies left on site.
  • Connect your lighting system wit your motion sensors
  • Connect your lighting system wit your motion sensors
  • Hire construction site security guards to do casual mobile patrols and look out for any suspicious activity
  • Hire permanent construction site static guards if you have a bigger job site and keep your job site safe after hours.

2 Types of Construction Site Thieves in Australia

There are a couple of different types of construction site thieves in Australia and the Construction & Mining Equipment Industry Group (CMEIG) has released an article on this.

One type of construction site thieve is the type of felon that takes equipment then abandons it somewhere nearby. 

The equipment still suffers from misuse and damage and in most cases ends up as a write-off.

The other type of construction site theft is conducted by organized crime groups.

These types are organized and do this quite often, and you most probably won’t see your construction site equipment again.

Sometimes it is the workers at your job sites who are unfortunately giving these individuals private intel on your job site and where everything is kept.

How Sydney Construction Site Security Companies can save your money

Finding the right construction site security company can save you a ton of money in the long run.

It has been estimated that construction site theft is on the rise, and if your organization can afford to hire construction site security, you’ll be better off in the long run

Hiring Sydney construction site security guards can protect against theft and protect against those who think your job site is an easy site target.

If you are ready to talk to someone about protecting your Sydney construction site, get in touch with our Construction Site Security team today.

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