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Bouncer Security, Prices, Legislation & Hiring Reliable Sydney Guards

Looking for professional Sydney Bouncer Security? If you are a nightclub, pub or club you’ll need to know a few things before you hire your next bouncer.

For those of you who don’t already know, bouncer security guards stand at the front of clubs, and essentially act as a gatekeeper.

They make sure no trouble breaks out inside and outside of the club, they check for ID”s, and are on the lookout for suspicious or illegal activity.

Having bouncer security at a club helps eliminate risk and keep a venue safe from legal liability. Laws are tough, and making sure your venue license isn’t provoked is a big deal.

Hiring the right Sydney Security Guards and making sure they are up to date with their rights, responsibilities & duties,  is essential.


In Australia we have legislations in place to help keep people safe. Part of these legislations involve having council approvals for events, as well as keeping a register of RSA certificates and paying periodic license fees.

Venues also need to abide by codes of practice, offer free drinking water and and make sure to abide by NSW liquor and compliance laws set in place.

You also need to ensure there is no underage people inside the club, and that people show genuine identification to get into the venues, otherwise there are steep penalties.

Refusal of entry and banning of individuals with bad behaviour and is also something that bouncers are in charge off.

Bouncers are hired to provide party security services and to protect patrons & safeguard  venues against legal liability, damage & harm. All bouncers and venue security guards must wear numbered identification tags printed with the word security when they are on the job.

Bouncers do not have any more power than you and I, hence why it is important to hire someone who does not abuse their power and out your venue at risk.


When hiring a bouncer for your Sydney Venue, you need to firstly go through a reputable Sydney Event Security Company. Don’t be cheap, as finding reputable guards matter in the long run. An average event security guard who is experienced and comes with first aid and RSA usually ranges anywhere from $32-$55 an hour.

Secondly you need to ensure that the security guards that you do hire, are fully licenced.

Make sure background checks have been conducted by the security agency,  and the guards have the right personality type for the establishment. The last thing you need is for a hot headed guard that will lash out and hit a patron and have you end up in legal liability.


The role of a bouncer as you probably already know is to uphold the rules of your venue and act as a gatekeeper. Surprisingly, bouncers are not allowed to search you.

They are not allowed to ask for your name or address, nor are they search through your bag or belongings.

I said surprisingly, because we have all encountered a bouncer or security guard who has violated these rights at some stage.

Bouncers can use reasonable force if they need to get someone out of the venue or if away from the surroundings of the venue.

They can however specify that as a condition of entering a premises that you agree to a search or to confirm the details on your identification. Bouncers are not allowed to be abusive, there is a fine line. If a patron is a risk, has caused damage or harm, they are allowed to conduct a citizen arrest until the police are called down, as well as ban you from the establishment.

Bouncers can also reject you from the premises if you look like you have had a bit too much to drink, and if they deem you as a risk. You as a venue owner or manager can instruct your.

We are pro-bouncers over here, we are simply sharing this information so that you as venue owners know your rights.HIRE A BOUNCER FOR YOUR CLUB TODAYNow that you know what the role of a bouncer is, and what they can and can’t do, It’s time to employ the services of an experienced bouncer.

If you seek Party Security, Concert Security or general Event Security for your Sydney club or pub, get in touch with us today.

Tell us a little about your venue, the locations you need guards for, and our Sydney Event Security staff will find the right bouncer for your venue.

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